Cam Thieu Soursop Teas – New chacracteristics of Nga Nam Land

Nga Nam Soursop

Nga Nam town is located in the west of Soc Trang province, where mainly focus on cultivating rice and some vegetables.

Due to the characteristics of the soil, Nga Nam is a lowland area, saline (salt) alkaline soil and affected by tides, so it is only possible to grow a number of fruit trees that adapt to the soil and climate conditions. Soursop tree is a typical effective crop. Therefore area of Nga Nam soursop is gradually increasing.

Soursop which is known as a delicious, nutritious fruit, has many values ​​for health and is loved by many people. In particular, Soursop Nga Nam has its own characteristics compared to other localities: slight sourness, firm flesh, stronger flavor.

The new feature is called Cam Thieu soursop tea.

With the wonderful effects of this fruit, Cam Thieu Co., Ltd. has launched a product with high values ​​and benefits, popular and trusted by many people, which is soursop tea. Soursop tea brings the convenience and new options for tea users.

When exploring Cam Thieu soursop tea, custumers will feel the delicious and unique taste from fresh soursop fruits. With a sweet, airy taste and especially the charming scent of soursop when made into tea, it brings surprise and delight to the enjoyment of the first time.

To create quality tea products, the Company carries out strict selection of raw materials, which must be clean, natural and grown soursop fruits according to VietGAP standards to meet qualify requirements.

In addition to focusing on clean raw materials, the Company also applies a modern and closed tea production process according to ISO 22000: 2018 (Food safety management systems — Requirements for any organization in the food chain) to ensure our products are of quality and safety.

With the system of modern, automatic machines, the processing and storage will retain the nutrients of custard apple in tea. Therefore, users are completely assured to enjoy and feel the delicious taste of the tea without having to worry about quality and food safety issues.

It can be said that soursop tea from Cam Thieu Co., Ltd. has created a new feature for Nga Nam land, Soc Trang province.


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