An area specializing in Soursop cultivation

For years, Nga Nam Town has become an area specializing in growing soursop with an area of ​​up to 235ha, concentrated in Vinh Quoi Commune, Nga Nam Town, Soc Trang province. Realizing the harmful effects of pesticide use, farmers gradually have shifted to farming in a sustainable way to minimize pesticide use  and gradually shifted to bio-organic fertilizer.

In the year 2010,  Nga Nam had approximately 76 hectares of land area for cultivation of soursop and produced around 207 tonnes and the area increased by more than 300% from 2010 – 2016, especially in Vinh Quoi with 137 ha.

According to the survey data showed that the soursop growing areas in Nga Nam almost was new one with about 235 ha  and  190 ha and 17 ha (18 – 25 tons/year) of which is  one year and five year soursop trees, respectively.

Acorrding to master plan to 2020 for soursop area development in Nga Nam, total products of soursop estimate about 6000 tons (300 ha x20 tons/ha).

Photos of Soursop trees in Nga Nam Town, Soc Trang province.


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