Tết is coming soon!

Tết is coming soon!

Traditional culture of the lunar New Year is still 
retransmitted through the generations. This is an opportunity for every family to gather around the hot cup of tea, sipping the colorful jam tray, … creating a reunion atmosphere.

Although this Tet is different from the old Tet, the tray of jam, teacup is still an indispensable tradition in every family on the occasion of Spring. Now a day, most of the jams produced in industrial form are very hard to find the right taste and quality. What people want to look for and nostalgia for is the rustic taste of their home town.

Meaningful gifts form Cam Thieu products

Understanding this, Cam Thieu Co., Ltd. always focuses on the flavors of the homeland to produce meaningful gifts of the New Year. The company is always confident about the quality and design of products, ensuring food safety with no preservatives, no chemicals, especially low sugar but still retaining the delicious taste.

With the combination of traditional and modern, the jam is processed through many stages, the finished jam is not fully cooked but only in a short time to ensure the freshness and nutrients are still in the jam, the amount of sugar used is less for each sweet and sour jam and you can feel the purity from the soursop fruits still holds.

In addition, Cam Thieu Co., Ltd. also provides the market with more products of dried soursop to diversify and serve the needs of customers, the dried soursop is manufactured by natural drying process, raw materials from VietGAP material area to ensure quality safety, the high quality soursop fruits used for making dried sousop and carefully prepared, split seeds but still keep it fresh, then added a little sugar to help balance the taste of soursop and reduce sour tastes.When enjoying the home-flavored jams, the use of a cup of tea to help the flavor enhancement is indispensable. One of the products that make up the Cam Thieu brand is soursop tea, which will help people sip a piece of jam while enjoying a cup of tea while showing the hospitality and has many health benefits.

Drinking soursop tea from Cam Thieu Company, Consumers will feel the delicious, unique taste from fresh soursop fruits. With a sweet, slightly bitter taste and especially the charming scent of soursop when made into tea, it brings surprise and delight to the enjoyment of the first time.


Besides, the company also launched bottles of soursop wine – Digest wine. Made from the natural process of fermenting soursop fruit according to Cam Thieu’s own formula that is good for the digestive system. Digest wine offers customers a wonderful gift of the wine line, attractive colors and charming scents.

Digest Wine is suitable for light meals as well as family dinners because the wine has sweetness and natural fruit taste  and help customers use more delicious meals.

With all the above products, Cam Thieu Co., Ltd. will bring you valuable and meaningful New Year gifts.

Cam Thieu Co., Ltd  wish you  a happy new year Security, good health and prosperity and Wishing you good health


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