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Cam Thieu Soursop Teas – New chacracteristics of Nga Nam Land

Nga Nam Soursop Nga Nam town is located in the west of Soc Trang province, where mainly focus on cultivating rice and some vegetables. Due to the characteristics of the soil, Nga Nam is a lowland area, saline (salt) alkaline soil and affected by tides, so it is only possible to grow a number of […]

Soursop tea and Health

Soursop tea and Health Soursop tea benefits: Many Studies have shown that Soursop treats cancer and even controls the spread of the disease. This is the most important benefit of Soursop tea. Drinking a cup of Soursop tea every day helps provide necessary minerals and  it can be used at any time, in the morning […]

Tết is coming soon!

Tết is coming soon! Traditional culture of the lunar New Year is still  retransmitted through the generations. This is an opportunity for every family to gather around the hot cup of tea, sipping the colorful jam tray, … creating a reunion atmosphere. Although this Tet is different from the old Tet, the tray of jam, […]

Cam Thieu Co., Ltd accompies the Elderly People Association of District 11, Ho Chi Minh city

Cam Thieu Co., Ltd  accompies the Elderly People Association of District 11, Ho Chi Minh city Joyful atmosphere of the Elderly Nursing Day festival in District 11, TP. HCM. Cam Thieu Co., Ltd. has come to join and accompany with the Elderly Association by bringing the members delicious and healthy tea with the wish that […]